Christie Steiger


Meet Christie Steiger, Co-founder of Innovative Wellness Center.

Christie’s journey began in the world of business, armed with a degree and a determination to conquer the financial landscape. However, her life took a turn when her own health struggles led her to discover her true passion lay in holistic wellness.

After encountering roadblocks within traditional medicine and experiencing firsthand its limitations, Christie embarked on a personal quest for wellness. Her transformative journey propelled her to become a certified health coach and delve into the realm of functional medicine, driven by a desire to not only heal herself but also assist others on their paths to well-being.

Christie remains committed to continually expanding her knowledge and expertise. She holds biofeedback and shockwave therapy certifications, embracing innovative approaches to holistic health.

In her free time, Christie finds immense joy in life's simple pleasures. Her devotion to family, rooted in cherished moments spent together, remains a cornerstone. Faith stands at the center of her being, guiding her journey and infusing each day with purpose. Christie's love for reading fuels her curiosity, while activities like running, yoga, and working out offer a harmonious balance between mind and body. She is an avid traveler who delights in exploring new cultures and landscapes,  relishing each adventure.  Amidst her active pursuits, nothing compares to the warmth of gathering with loved ones and friends, sharing laughter, and creating enduring memories.

As a Co-founder of the Innovative Wellness Center, Christie is dedicated to pioneering paths to wellness, drawing from her personal and spiritual experiences and diverse certifications. Her unwavering commitment and dream to open a Christian Holistic Wellness Center drive her mission to empower others on their own transformative journeys toward optimal health and vitality.


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