BioFeedback Testing

Biofeedback testing is a non-invasive therapy that utilizes electromagnetic waves to analyze the body's energy patterns and cellular environment. At Innovative Wellness, we harness the power of this advanced technology to help detect the subtle energy changes.

The underlying principle of Biofeedback testing is quantum physics, which demonstrates that every cell in our body, whether healthy or not, emits a unique energy frequency that God created. These frequencies can be measured and compared to known healthy and unhealthy frequencies. At Innovative Wellness, our state-of-the-art Biofeedback devices can detect these frequency differences, providing a comprehensive overview of the quantum data.

One of the key strengths of bioresonance testing is that it aims to understand the body as a whole system.. Bioresonance aims to bridge this mind-body-spirit connection, helping individuals achieve a more comprehensive state of wellness.

What sets Innovative Wellness apart is our unique integration of Biofeedback  testing with other holistic therapies. By doing so, we aim to support every aspect of our patients' wellbeing. Once we have the Biofeedback analysis results, we create a unique plan that may include nutritional recommendations, lifestyle alterations, and other complementary therapies.

Moreover, Biofeedback testing is a process that offers constant monitoring and adjustment. As your body responds to each session, your energy frequencies can shift, which can then be detected by consecutive Biofeedback tests. This dynamic process ensures that your personalized treatment program evolves with you, continuously supporting your journey towards optimal health.

Biofeedback does not treat, cure or diagnose any disease or illness.  We use all information for educational purposes only.