Andrew Steiger

Andrew Steiger is a pivotal partner at Innovative Wellness, overseeing operational excellence and infusing the organization with his deep passion for human anatomy and holistic health.

With a rich background spanning 22 years at John Deere, Andrew cultivated a robust skill set rooted in operational management, strategic planning, and team leadership. His tenure in the mechanical engineering domain equipped him with a profound understanding of systems and processes, which he adeptly applies to the healthcare landscape at Innovative Wellness.

Andrew's academic journey includes a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, serving as a solid foundation for his analytical mindset and problem-solving acumen. Furthering his education and expanding his expertise, he obtained a System Design and Management Certificate from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This certificate not only honed his skills in system thinking but also reinforced his ability to innovate and optimize complex structures.

Passionate about human anatomy and holistic health, Andrew transitioned from the machinery realm to co-found Innovative Wellness. His vision is to integrate his engineering precision with a profound understanding of human physiology, offering a unique perspective to holistic health and wellness practices.


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